You are currently viewing Google Slashes Subscription & Music Streaming App Fees On PlayStore

Google Slashes Subscription & Music Streaming App Fees On PlayStore

Google has announced it is slashing its subscription and music streaming app fees on the PlayStore. The company announced that all of the subscription-based apps will only have to pay 15%. This also applies to “ebooks and on-demand music streaming services” will be “eligible” for a fee “as low as 10%.”

Google Slashes Subscription & Music Streaming App Fees On Play Store

The reason for the cheaper rates according to Google is that  “content costs account for the majority of sales” and this should “recognize industry economics of media content verticals.”

Google is aggressively promoting its Stadia platform by giving out free stadia hardware when you any of its games. The full price of a Stadia game costs $59.99 and above. Purchasing it qualifies you for a Chromecast Ultra and a stadia controller,  which is part of its Premiere Edition Kit.

Google Is Giving Out Free Stadia Hardware If You buy One Of Its Games
Google Is Giving Out Free Stadia Hardware If You buy One Of Its Games

The tech giants say buying a stadia game currently qualifies you for the free hardware offer. This exact treat is valid until 11.59 PM Pacific Time on October 10 2021, while codes will be shared by October 20 2021. Sidenote, the stadia Premiere Edition stand only price is $79.99.

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Google recently gave out three months of Stadia Pro free to its YouTube premium members, although limited. Stadia Pro is somewhat the competition to the Microsoft xCloud platform, all based on cloud gaming.

Did Google Just Kill Stadia? – TechMoran

Google intends to give its new premium subscribers a taste of its games on the cloud platform. Three months of free Stadia Pro tops the normal one month trial for regular gamers.

According to 9to5Google, this promotion is only available in the following countries: US, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

The promotion is not available to old YouTube Premium members, or accounts that had trailed the Stadia Pro. New YouTube Premium members would see the promotion once they sign up.

Google lower rates is a move to aggrievedly make developers make their apps on a subscription basis rather than a one-time payment. As in-app subscription brings in a lot of revenue for the technology giants.


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