Google Shares Much-anticipated First Real Photos Of Its Incoming Pixel 6

Google Shares Much-anticipated First Real Photos Of Its Incoming Pixel 6

Google has finally released the first real-world pictures of its incoming Flagship Pixel 6. These pictures show the smartphone been used in real life after it was first announced last month.

Over the month, Google has managed to hide the details of the smartphone, without it leaking. The Tech company finally shared the pictures on Instagram on its official page.

Meanwhile, Google teased the Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro last month, the tech company is positioning the phone to rival other Flagship phones.

Google also highlighted its own chip inside the new Pixel 6 phones. Generally called Tensor SoC, the tech giants hasn’t revealed all of the components of the phones. For instance, the new Titan M2 chip is used for security.

Google has been developing the Tensr chip for four years now.

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Sundar Pichai, the CEO of parent company Alphabet said on twitter; 

“So excited to share our new custom Google Tensor chip, which has been 4 yrs in the making ( for scale)! Tensor builds off of our 2 decades of computing experience and it’s our biggest innovation in Pixel to date. Will be on Pixel 6 + Pixel 6 Pro in fall.”

Just like Windows TPM chip for security on Windows, Google has its own chip for security.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones are simple, elegant, and have a premium finish according to the renders by Google.

These incoming phones have a wide bar design camera that resides edge to edge at the back of the phone. It has chosen Samsung over Qualcomm to provide the processor and 5G Modem to be used in its newest flagship.

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