Google Set To Switch Its Own GS101 Soc Chip For Its Next Pixel Phone

Google Set To Switch Its Own GS101 Soc Chip For Its Next Pixel Phone

Google’s next Pixel flagship is reportedly going to be powered by a Google-designed GS101 “Whitechapel” SoC (System on a chip). This is Google’s first foray into chip making and is set to feature in the flagship, which will presumably be named “Pixel 6″. according to 9to5Google and XDA-Developers.


9to5Google claims that Google is working on two phones that will feature the Arm-based GS101. One is presumably a flagship device to succeed last year’s Pixel 5 and a Pixel 4A 5G follow-up.

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XDA in its own report, claims that the GS101 chips will feature a “three cluster setup with a TPU (Tensor Processing Unit)” for machine learning applications. Also, the new SoC may feature an integrated security chip, similar to the Titan M.


9to5Google reports that Samsung has some involvement on the manufacturing side of the chip. This had been previously reported by Axios. Its experience as one of largest manufacturers of smartphone semiconductors makes this a good move. 9to5 Google also references a new device which they say is connected to Samsung’s Exynos SoCs


.This move, if it works out will see Google rely less on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. This give Google more room to innovate with the Pixel as most Android devices are often the same at their core due to the similarity of the chips they run on. It might take a while but if Google is successful with this, Android will benefit with a boost in speed, performance, and battery life.



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