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Google Podcast

Google Search Results Now Let You Find And Listen To Podcasts

Google is now making it easier to find podcasts with the search engine. It says it now lists podcast episodes in search results so that people can listen directly from Google search page. If you search your favourite podcast on Google now, a few episodes will appear on the search engine.


The updated Google software will be able to understand the topics that are being discussed too. It will be able to go beyond just retrieving the broad subjects of the podcast series. It will be able to be more intricate in its detections.


Podcasts are continuing to get more popular around the world. Google says over 2 million podcasts are on the web. This number increases daily as more people are starting to get into the podcasting craft. It is a great way to create a personal forum and platform for vocal engagement online.


Google Podcast


The tech company says that it will also update the Google Assistant later in the year. It also says it will make it easier to let people find and play podcasts from it. Google also wants to let publishers pick specific players for their podcast contents. This could be a podcast app or a third-party website.


In case you are looking to start your own podcast, there is no better time than now. Everything is moving to the web, and great content will always make room for itself in any given space. Unlike YouTube videos, Podcasts require less work and has the potential to reach a wide range of audience too.

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