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Google Says Android 11 Go Edition Will Open Apps 20 Percent Faster

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Android 11 launched recently for Pixel devices and phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme, now Google is detailing the version designed to power low-powered devices, Android 11 (Go edition).


Android 11 (Go edition) is to power devices with 2GB of RAM or less. This a bigger requirement from Android 10 (Go edition), which could power devices with less than 1.5GB of RAM. Google says the Operating System is only going to ship with new phones with the specified amount of memory, according to The Verge.


“As more of these memory-intensive features come to entry-level smartphones, our partners have asked us to improve performance on these devices, particularly around speed, storage, and memory. So, starting next month Android (Go edition) will be available on all new devices with up to 2GB of memory,” Sagar Kamdar, VP of Product Management, Android said in a blog post announcing the OS.

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The company also leaves it up to the OEMs to determine if they want to put Android 11 Go on a device as opposed to Android 10 Go. Google is still keeping mum on the devices that can get the update.


Android 11 Go has new features like grouped notifications from chat apps in your notifications, like Android 11. It also enables users to grant apps one-time permissions for apps such as your location, microphone, or camera. It also features an auto-reset support to reset permissions for apps that are not in use for an extended period.


The Android 11 Go adds a gesture-based navigation system which enables users to swipe around the phone’s UI. Google says apps on the OS will also launch 20 percent faster than they did on the Android 10 Go.


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