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Google Android 11 5G Icon

Google Reveals The 5G Icons Android 11 Smartphones Will Use And Other Features

While members of the public are to expect Android 11 release towards the end of 2020, Google has been releasing developer test versions since February 2020. One of the talking points was which icon Android 11 would use for the 5G network.


The answer is that when 5G becomes available, Android phones will use either just “5G” or “5G+”. However, this has led to some confusion among smartphone enthusiasts. This is because the early release of Android 11 (Android R) displayed a “5Ge” network icon.


Google has cleared the air regarding this by stating that 5Ge is not ‘truly 5G’. Instead, users are to consider it as an improvement on the 4G network. It has other names such as ‘advanced 4G LTE’ or ‘pre-5G’ according to GizChina. Also, while it will likely be faster than the common 4G network, it would still fall short of the capabilities of the ‘true 5G’ network.

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Additionally, Android 11 is expected to come with improvements for Android phones. While many of the details remain sketchy, some of them have surfaced online. Techradar claims that it will come with an inbuilt feature that allows apps to determine if a device is on 5G or not. This will give it the ability to either improve the quality of content and or reduce it to save your data balance.


There will also be improved security that borders on what permissions users give to apps. Such things as permission to access location, camera, contact, microphone and so on would give users more control. You could also be able to schedule when your smartphone would go into dark mode.


For music lovers, Android 11 could keep your Bluetooth on even when you put your phone on Airplane mode. This will help you listen to music through Bluetooth headphones or other external devices without distractions and also save your battery as well.


With the new software, users may be able to clear all their notifications. This includes those that you could not clear before, like Bluetooth alerts and charging reminders.


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