You are currently viewing Google raters earning $10 per hour push for $15 pay

Google raters earning $10 per hour push for $15 pay

According to the search engine company, part-time employees of RaterLabs, an AI vendor that Google uses, are pushing for a $15/hour minimum rate despite not meeting the necessary qualifications.

The workers, who currently earn $10 every hour, are backing up their claim with Google’s 2019 pay increment for its temporary workers, vendors, and independent contractors, commonly known as TVCs. They believe their work, which involves evaluating and improving Google search performance, is important enough to qualify them for the revised pay structure.

In addition to earning less than what is considered minimum wage at Alphabet, RaterLabs employees don’t also have sick leaves, PTO, stock options, and many other benefits.

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However, their claim meets several roadblocks that give them no legs to stand on. For one, Google mandates a 30-hour week minimum for its staff, and Raterlabs part-time employees can only work 26 hours during that duration. Additionally, there is the fact that the raters work from home, use their own devices, and have no access to Google systems. 

Also, a spokesperson for Google said that RaterLabs workers could work for other employees, making them more like freelancers. They don’t even have Google badges that would certify them as employees to cap it all off.

Regardless of the inadequacy of their claim, they are not backing down. They believe that they should be included in the company’s TVCs and benefit from the 2018 leaked document scandal that changed how Google treated people it did not directly employ.

According to the US Department of Labor, the minimum average wage is $7.25.

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