You are currently viewing Google Play Store starts applying data sharing warning labels to apps

Google Play Store starts applying data sharing warning labels to apps

Google Play Store has started applying data-share warnings to sneaky apps that share your data and a section to provide more information on how the app collects your data and uses it in a Data safety form.

In the same vein, it has mandated developers to add the necessary details to their listings on its application store. Otherwise, it will start taking action against them from 20 July 2022. The push is in line with new privacy laws in Europe and the US, aimed at giving users back control of their details.

Google mentioned the section update requirement in 2021 and is giving developers enough time to do their part. Developers will list the data they collect, indicate if they share it, and security measures that they take to keep your details safe.

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Additionally, because Google accepts third-party validation, a developer has to indicate if they follow the store’s Families Policy, among other things which you can find here.

“…all developers must declare how they collect and handle user data for the apps they publish on Google Play, and provide details about how they protect this data through security practices like encryption. This includes data collected and handled through any third-party libraries or SDKs used in their apps,” the company writes.

All developers are expected to fill the Data safety form even if their apps do not collect data on users.

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