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Google Photos’ New Feature Lets You Search For Text In Pictures

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Google is rolling out a new AI feature that will let users search for photos by the texts in them. The user can now go ahead to easily copy and paste the text into a document format. Available in Google Photos library, the new feature uses a technique called optical character recognition (OCR).


The copy/paste option is built on Google Lens’ ability to understand pull out texts within a photo. It does not matter is it is a screenshotted image or actual photo of a sign or document. In fact, the feature is already available on some Android devices now. Although, it does not seem to be available for iOS users yet. That is understandable as Google is Android and Android is Google.



Google turns photos to text

Google thinks the feature will make it easier to capture a very complicated Wi-Fi password. It is also great for anyone who is trying to get some texts from any photo or screenshot in their Google Photos library. Interestingly, the company has done this in such a way that it is possible to search for any piece of text without actually selecting a photo first. The OCR technique is being used on the entire photo collection automatically.



Google has announced a feature that sounds like this one before. They said Google’s AI-powered lens camera would be able to understand the context of a photo. This would mean a smartphone can connect to a Wi-Fi network just by pointing the camera at the password sticker on the router. It is just like using a barcode.

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