Google Meet Stops Its Unlimited Group Video Calls For Free Accounts

Google Meet Stops Its Unlimited Group Video Calls For Free Accounts

Google has ended its Meet’s previous unlimited group video calls to an hour for free accounts, the Alphabet-owned company ended support at the end of last month.

Google Meet layout


According to its support pages, users with free accounts will no longer the free 24 hour meeting time, groups Meet video calls are now capped at an hour and nothing more. Google’s Meet was originally created for Enterprise use, personal accounts weren’t part of its audience until last year.


Interestingly, Google assured users that it will keep unlimited meetings until September 30th, 2020.


Google to upgrade classic Hangout users to Hangouts Chat and Meet from October 2019


For the second time, the company pushed the Meet’s (formerly Google Hangout) deadline further to March 2021.


And for the final time, Google extended Its videoconferencing application Meet unlimited meetings till the end of June.

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Zoom like Google has been offering a lot of freebies for its videoconferencing application, extending its 40 minutes meeting limit during festive periods like New Year’s Eve and Christmas.


Google still allows one-on-one personal infinity duration meet video calls. But in the summer, lengthy alls will attract some extra costs.

Google Meet


A monthly $7.99 per month charge will suffice, Google’s Workspace Individual tier program covers Meets videoconferencing costs, but it would increase to $9.99 monthly after January 2022. Google’s Meet unlimited video call option was worth it while it lasted, helped Families and businesses when during the heat of the global pandemic.


The Google Meet free account feature was very popular among people, we are curious as to where people will be using more for their video conferencing purposes.



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