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Google Maps Unveils New Design And Features For Its 15th Anniversary

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To mark its 15th anniversary, Google Maps will get a redesign as well as new features. The updates which were announced via a blog post, highlight a redesign of the Google Maps user interface (UI). It focuses on five specific categories organised into tabs at the bottom of the screen.


These tabs are: “Explore,” “Commute,” “Saved,” “Contribute,” and “Updates” and here are their use;


  • Explore – provides information on ratings, reviews for about 200 million places around the world. These include local restaurants, nearby attractions and city landmarks.


  • Commute – helps make sure users are traveling by the most efficient routes. Users can set up their daily commute to get real-time traffic updates, travel times and suggestions for alternative routes.
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  • Saved –  helps users view the more than 6.5 billion places people have saved on google maps. Giving users access to all these spots in one convenient place. Users can also organise plans for upcoming trips and share recommendations based on places they’ve been.


  • Contribute – allows users to easily share local knowledge, like details about roads and addresses, missing places, business reviews, and photos. Essentially each contribution helps others learn about new places and help them make a decision based on the information.


  • Updates –.provides a feed of trending, must-see spots from local experts and publishers. This feature also helps users directly chat with businesses to get questions answered.

Google Map also has new transit features

Google maps 15th anniversary
Google Maps marks its 15th anniversary with a facelift Photo: Google.


It has new transit features that also help its users stay informed when they’re taking public transportation. The feature employs crowd-sourced transit information. This means Google Maps will be able to show how crowded public transportation is.


It will also say if the transit system has accessibility options. In some countries, Google Maps can tell if public transportation has a separate section for women to ride.


Its transit feature can also inform its users if security monitoring is on board. Whether there is a security guard present, installed security cameras or there’s an available helpline. In Japan only, users can pick a route based on the number of carriages. This helps increase the user’s chances of getting a seat.


The 15th-anniversary update of Google Maps is now available for iOS and Android devices.


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