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Google Maps’ Public Events Now Available For Android Users

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Google Maps has made navigating the streets so incredibly easy. You no longer need to go about asking directions from strangers. You can just hear your phone guide you all the way to your destination.

The app has been able to gather data that would have statically been impossible for Google to do on its own. Now, Google is adding another crowd-sourcing feature that would allow almost anyone to add an event for everyone else to see.

The new feature is still very new and might not yet work for everyone. However, there is a chance that it will be made available for the public at specific regions where it is supported.

It looks like this public event feature is going to be very easy to use. Android users can now go to the “Your Contributions” bit on the app and “Add a public event” under the events tab. You can then add the event information like name, location, photos, time of the event and other vital data.

These events will be public information and will be accessible to everyone. It will be important for users to be aware that there will most likely not be any guarantee of privacy. If you are not trying to invite everyone to your event, it will be a terrible idea to upload it on Google Maps.

Many users who can access this feature may experience some lapses between when they submit it and when it appears on the map. This is mostly because the feature is still undergoing some tests and might have some bug issues at the moment. The feature might also allow users to modify the event before it goes live.

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