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Google Maps

Google Maps Now Factors In Biking And Ride-Sharing To Directions

Google Maps will now help commuters actually get to their destinations. The tech giants recently announced that their navigation app will now also give transit directions. The mixed modes will include the app giving biking and ride-sharing options. Google is now letting Google Maps help you piece together a trip.


Google Maps will now give users detailed information about ride-sharing. This information will include the cost of the Uber and the different rides or carpool it will take to get to your destination. The app will also give information about bus times and how much traffic is on the route you’re plying. Although, users will still need to use their various ride/bike hailing apps to order their rides.


Google Maps


This new tool will roll out in countries like USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Indonesia, India, Japan and Tanzania. However, In Nigeria, the company will introduce the new and improved app through a similar tool called the informal transit feature. Just like it has done with other countries, this time, it is suited to the Nigerian cities.


Google, while announcing the new Nigerian accent feature on the app, said the new feature will suit the Nigerian situation. It will give information about bad roads, safety, weather, traffic and local bus options.


The new tool is going to be available on Google Maps apps for Android and iOS devices. Because cycling is not a thing in Nigeria, Google Maps won’t give the routes. However, it will give cycling routes in other major cities from the other countries mentioned above.

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