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Google Maps Is Rolling Out The Ability To Edit Roads, Update Photos, And More

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Google Maps isn’t without its share of flaws, and the tech giant is adding new features that will let you fix them. Google announced  three new features that will give you the ability to make Maps more accurate.

The navigation app is introducing a new editing experience on desktop that will let you add missing roads by clicking on the side menu button on Maps’ website and then choosing the “Edit the map” option where you’ll see “Missing road”. You can add a missing road by drawing a line as well as “rename roads, change road directionality; and realign or delete incorrect roads.”

Prior to this update, you could only place a pin on Maps where the road should be correctly located and send that information to Google along with the road’s name. The new capability comes in handy especially if you’ve encountered incorrect road names or information, road closures, or a road that no longer exists. It will go live over the coming months in more than 80 countries where it’s already possible to submit road updates on Maps. Google will, of course, verify your edits before publishing them.

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Maps is also letting you contribute an updated photo of a place along with other important details without having to review that location. With photo updates, you can add recent photos of a place with a brief description. You can also view photo updates that others have submitted by going to the “Updates” tab. This new content type is rolling out over the next few weeks.

The Local Love challenge that Google is launching next month to update 100000 US businesses on Maps

Next month, Google is also launching the “Local Love challenge” in the US where you can join if you’re using an Android device. With this nationwide challenge, you can contribute ratings and reviews as well as verify information about local businesses you support. These contributions will be collectively used to update 100,000 businesses. You can participate by heading over to the Contribute tab in the Maps app.



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