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Google Maps Is Getting New COVID Data To Improve Navigation

Google Maps Is Getting New COVID Data To Improve Navigation

Google says that its Maps users will be getting a COVID layer that shows critical information about COVID-19 cases in an area. The feature began rolling out on 23rd September 2020, it will take about a week (the end of the month) for it to get to users.


Google mentions that the COVID layer will join its COVID-19 alerts and checkpoints features. These features are all part of the new tools that the company brought during the pandemic.


To use the COVID layer on Google Maps, tap on the layer button at the top right of the screen and select COVID-19 info. It will show a seven-day average of new infection cases per 100,000 people in a particular area.

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Additionally, it will show a label to inform users whether the cases are trending up or down. The feature shows results in 220 countries including state or province, county, and city-level data.


Google says that the data for its COVID layer tool comes from many authoritative sources. Some of them are Johns Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia. Since these sources also get their data from public health organisations like the World Health Organization, government health ministries, state and local health agencies, and hospitals; they can be trusted.


In a closing remark, the search company says; “While getting around is more complicated these days, our hope is that these Google Maps features will help you get where you need to be as safely and efficiently as possible.”


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