You are currently viewing Google launches beta read-along website for kids learning to read
Google launches beta read-along website for kids learning to read

Google launches beta read-along website for kids learning to read

Google launches a website for its “Read Along” app, and although it is still in beta, you can access it from here. The website has hundreds of illustrated stories that aid kids of different reading levels in sharpening their skills.

As soon as you open the website, you get voice instructions from the assistant, Diya. You can follow your children as they read into the device’s microphone. Once they read a word, the software highlights it in blue, but when they mispronounce it, it is underlined in red. 

If they tap on the underlined mispronounced word, Diya will pronounce it correctly for them. For now, the website only works in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers; Google says that it is working on making it available on others (including Safari) soon.

The stories are available in just nine languages; English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Google mentions that it is working on adding more fun stories to the Read Along collection by the end of 2022, and they will include adaptations of children’s video content from creators USP Studios and ChuChu TV. Also, it will adopt some from alphabet and phonics books by the education company Kutuki.

Since launching in 2019, The Verge claims that 30 million kids have used the Read Along Android app. However, desktop support would aid children with visual impairments read on larger screens.

Before you begin using the website, Google suggests you understand how it processes the voice data that it collects. According to its statement, the data helps it to deal with spam and prevent abuse. Also, it can help determine the preferred language and improve the service.

In addition, the company processes the data on the user’s device and does not store it.

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