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Google Is Updating Its Chrome Logo For The First Time In Eight Years

Search engine giants Google is updating the Chrome browser logo for the first time in eight years. The browser icon was previously changed in 2014, and you might not spot the difference. This new logo is a tad brighter and maybe sharper at the angles.

One of Google’s designers for Chrome, Elvin Hun shared the logo redesign on his Twitter page. This shows a detail of the browser icon in tiny differences. The new design doesn’t look the same on all browsers.

On ChromeOS, it is more colourful while on macOS it is less vibrant. While for windows it fits closely with other app icons in Windows 10 and 11. Google previously informed users its Chrome browser is under attack after hackers found two weak points to hack users. The tech company is advising users to check that they are currently running the latest version of the chrome browser.

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You can simply click on the “About Google Chrome” button right there in the help section of the browser. The silicon valley based company says the update will be available to users in the coming days/weeks depending on your region.

An animation with a blue background showing a privacy logo over a Google Search bar, sby moving logos indicating privacy, security and customization.

The latest version is numbered “93.0.4577.82”. Since the reports of the hack, Google has released updated versions of its browser for Linux, Macs and Windows users. The Alphabet-owned company also announced that it has patched other 9 high hacks with “high” severity ratings in the past few days.

Since 2008, the Chrome icon has changed from a very shiny icon to a now 2D symbol. Just maybe we might see a translucent version of the iconic browser logo.



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