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Google Is Testing A New Public Profile System Called People Cards

Google has started testing a new user-created public profile system called ‘people cards’. The system allows users to create their own profile which will include their job, links to their social media platforms, a brief bio, and other details that will appear directly in Google search results.


The concept is similar to how celebrities and businesses already appear in Google search results. Google is testing the people cards in India in English at the moment.


Because the nature of the system could enable abuse by people who could set up fake cards to harass and troll people, Google says it is putting ‘number of mechanisms’ to prevent spam and abuse of the service. Harassers could fake cards that will show up whenever someone searches the name. It could also be exploited to give out people’s sensitive information, like their address, email, or phone number.

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As part of the mechanisms, a Google account can only create a single people card. The card also has to be authenticated on their account with a phone number before it can be created.


Google will flag cards with bad information or that they think was created by an imposter or abuser. Finally, users will have the ability to delete or edit their cards as they wish.


To make a people card, search the phrase ‘add me to search’ while logged in to your Google account. Then, Google will bring you to a new page that lets you create a the card.


You’ll have to fill in your name, occupation, location, and an “about” bio mandatorily.  You can also add information on education, hometown, links to your website, other social media sites, your email, and phone number. Google has not given any information on when People Cards will roll out in other parts of the world.


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