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Google Is Testing A Feature To Let You Lock Chrome Incognito Tabs With Face ID

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Google is testing a new privacy feature on its Chrome browser for iOS that can lock incognito tabs with Face ID. Many apps have their own Face ID support for extra security even though its primary use is to secure Apple devices.


The feature is undergoing testing in the latest Chrome iOS beta, which means it could roll out generally in the coming months. The Update notes for the latest Chrome 89 beta on iOS show that; “when you return to the Chrome app, your incognito tabs will be blurred until you confirm it’s you”.


Google Chrome Face ID
Soon Chrome users will be able to lock incognito tabs with Face ID, as Google is already testing the feature.


You can enable this feature by accessing the privacy section of Chrome’s settings. However, the feature is not even available to every beta tester, signaling it being very early in testing.

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To enable the feature on the beta, go to Settings > Privacy > Lock Incognito tabs when you close Chrome. There’s also a similar option in the Google Search app that confirms the identity with Face ID or ‌Touch ID‌ when returning to an incognito search session after 15 minutes.


Google is set to release Chrome 89 in early March 2021, however, the Face ID support might not accompany it. The feature will also work with Touch ID, for older devices.


Using FaceID to lock incognito tabs is similar to Samsung’s secret mode in its mobile browser. The secret mode allows Samsung users to lock tabs with facial recognition or fingerprints.



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