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Google Is Requiring Employees Be Vaccinated Before Returning To Offices

Google is requiring all of its employees to be vaccinated before heading back to any physical offices and stores. This is due to the reoccurrence of the coronavirus in the United States and other countries.

Google pushes back return date; mandatory to show proof of vaccination

Different variants of the virus are around, such as the Delta variant. This is a precautionary motive by Google for safety at work.

CEO Sundar Pichai made this announcement in a letter collected by the New York Times.

The company is also pushing back employee resumption to the office to October and not September.

Google is the first major Technology company requiring its employees to get vaccinations before resuming fully to the offices.

Google tells employees to get vaccinated before coming to the office

Even the Biden Administration is now requiring all federal workers to get a vaccination or repeat COVID-19 testing when they come to the offices.

Some states in the United States are now reinstating face mask-wearing, even for those who fully completed their vaccination.

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Hours after Google made its vaccination remark, Facebook did the same requiring its own staff in the U.S to have the vaccination before resuming to the offices in October.

Employees need to get vaccinated

The Verge got hold of this information first hand. Facebook’s vice president of people Lori Goler said in a statement.

“As our offices reopen, we will be requiring anyone coming to work at any of our US campuses to be vaccinated,”

“How we implement this policy will depend on local conditions and regulations.”

“We continue to work with experts to ensure our return to office plans prioritize everyone’s health and safety,” she said.

A host of other companies globally to make the same requirements for their employees before they resume fully at their offices.



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