Google Is Moving Its Phone Production Out Of China

Google Is Moving Its Phone Production Out Of China

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Google is looking to move the production of its Pixel smartphones away from China. The company plans to move its manufacturing location to Vietnam. The tech giants are looking to save some manufacturing costs in the midst of the Tariff wars between China and the US.


In addition, Google is reportedly also working to move its smart home products, Nest and server hardware production. It made the news earlier in the year that the Google devices being transported from China to America were sent to Taiwan and Malaysia instead. The tech company did this in a bid to avoid tariffs resulting from the trade war.


However, there are speculations that Google will work with a new Vietnamese company for the production of its Pixel phones. Reports say it will likely be a company that previously bought Nokia’s Vietnam factory from Microsoft. The name of the company is FIH Mobile.


Google will start by moving the new Pixel 3A’s manufacturing to Vietnam. Although, the giant tech company intends to move all production there before the end of this year. However, we expect that Google will build its new products in China for now.


Recent reports also say Apple may also be looking to shift about 20% of its iPhone production to Vietnam and India too.

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