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Google Is Improving Its Assistant To Correctly Pronounce Your Name

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Google Assistant is improving its name pronunciation feature. Google is also working on improving contextual awareness when it comes to setting and changing timers with your voice.


In a blog post announcing the changes, Google says they should be rolling out the improvements in the next few days.

To correct the Assistant from pronouncing your name wrongly, you can fix that by simply saying your name out loud, and Google will try to learn the pronunciation. You can still do it the old way if you want. Just spell out the way you want your name pronounced.

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To try it yourself, go to the Google Assistant settings, then Basic Info, and then Nickname. From the blog post and video the feature will also work for other contacts, too. This means you can finally stop Google Assistant from mispronouncing the names on your contact list.


As regarding contextual awareness,  Google is using its language understanding tech known as “BERT”. BERT should unlock all sorts of functionalities. For example; the ability to say things like “cancel my second timer,” and canceling named timers without using the exact name that you named the timer after.


Google says that this sort of natural conversation should be coming to more areas of the Assistant soon. Pronunciation aside, with BERT tech, Google Assistant could become even more conversational in web searches and make it even more powerful.




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