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Google Is A Year Older Today As It Clocks 23 Years Old Since Its Launch

If you look closely at Google’s search engine, there’s currently a cake doodle as it celebrates 23 years. The most robust search engine on the planet is completing 23 years old today September 27th 2021.

Google's 23rd Birthday
Google’s 23rd Birthday

The Alphabet-owned company ideation started in 1997 when two computer scientists started out a new search engine. Sergey Brin a graduate student at Stanford University at that time met Larry Page who was considering attending the same university.

Right from their dorms in the university, these young computer scientists built their first prototype of the envisioned search engine. They later released the final product in 1998 as Google Inc.

The company grew and officially went public in 2004 for $23 billion, selling at $85 per share. This was just six years after it was founded. Since then users have been able to conveniently search the internet for information.

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The tech giant will be releasing it’s anticipated incoming Flagship Pixel 6. These pictures show the smartphone been used in real life after it was first announced last month.

Over the month, Google has managed to hide the details of the smartphone, without it leaking. The Tech company finally shared the pictures on Instagram on its official page.

Pixel 6
Pixel 6

Meanwhile, Google teased the Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro last month, the tech company is positioning the phone to rival other Flagship phones.

Google also highlighted its own chip inside the new Pixel 6 phones. Generally called Tensor SoC, it hasn’t revealed all of the components of the phones. For instance, the new Titan M2 chip is used for security. It has been developing the Tensr chip for four years now.

The Google search algorithm has gotten better since its launch, with its first server housed in a cabinet built out of toy blocks to several 20 data centres globally. Google has remained committed to making the world’s information accessible to everyone.

Google will be looking to grow further in the coming years. It has been venturing into a lot of other businesses other than its search engine core.



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