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Google Introduces Dark Mode to Android Q

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The latest version of the Google Android Q, its next version mobile software, will get a dark mode. It is officially called the dark theme. It turns the white screen to black, and the black text white. The Google dark mode also helps to make bright screens look better on the eye at night.


The dark mode is the new in-thing with apps. It is now popular with more platforms embracing it. Like Twitter for example and reading app, Medium. It is also optional and can be turned off and on. It can also potentially act as a master switch for other dark mode apps.


With the new dark theme in the next Android version, only the app drawer and home screen go dark. A few apps like calendar can also fade to black when you get into the dark mode. App Developers can now start taking advantage of the dark theme and incorporate it into their own apps too if they like.


The Google Android Q dark mode

The Google Android Q dark mode


Google’s Vice President of product management for Android and Play, Sameer Samat said, “Everyone can relate to being in a room where the lights are turned down and you’ve got this white screen blinding you. And this idea of just being able to push a button and have it be easier to read.” He said this at the Google I/O event recently.


App makers can now let Google incorporate the dark mode into their apps. They will allow the Android Q OS invert the black and whites to allow them to use the theme even though they don’t have it in the mode for the app.


However, even if an App maker has a dedicated dark mode, they can ride on Google’s dark mode and let it affect their app once the Android Q dark mode is turned on. This way you don’t have to turn on the Dark Mode on the individual apps too. The one dark them button for the phone will then work in the apps too.


Samat also said that it will help conserve battery. He said, “there are few things that get you battery savings for free. Lighting up fewer OLED pixels will get you farther in the day.” Google also says the dark theme settings will not replace the bright white daytime screen mode. Bright white screens are apparently easiest to read in daylight sunlight.

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