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Google In Antitrust Mess In India For Abusing Android Smart TVs Market

Sources reveal that Google is facing antitrust probe in India over abusing its position in smart TV market. The matter is currently in the hands of Competition Commission of India (CCI).


Reuters says that the commission has been reviewing the case since June 2020. The case has to do with allegations from local startups against the American giant company. They claim that Google is manipulating the Android smart TV market in its favour by putting restrictive policies and charges in place.


However, Google has denied doing anything wrong. The company has also been facing antitrust issues in the United States and China. These cases also have to do with the company’s alleged anticompetitive behavior in the Android market.

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In India, Google is been accused restricting smaller companies from using or developing modified versions of Android for smart TVs. Two Indian lawyers, Kshitiz Arya and Purushottam Anand filed the case against Google.


Their case claims that Google blocks companies from selling both the Android system and a modified version of it on a different device. One prominent example is the fact that companies cannot sell Google Android smartphones and also sell smart TVs that run on a software like Amazon Fire TV system.


For now, CCI has asked Google to provide a writing in response to the case against it. Android TVs are becoming more popular worldwide and even more so in India. These televisions are equipped with features that can access Google search capabilities. They also allow users control them with their voices.


According to a recent data from Counterpoint Research, people bought about 8 million smart TVs in India in 2019 and the number will likely increase in 2020. Additionally, 60% of smart TVs in India run on Android operating system.


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