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Google Drones Approved For Home Deliveries In The US

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Google’s parent company, Alphabet, will begin making drone home deliveries in a few months. The delivery company, Wing, got approval as an airline by the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). This is the first ever FAA clearance in America.


This means that the company will start delivering goods in rural parts of the US state, Virginia, in the coming months.


The drone company says the drones will carry food and medicines from local shops and deliver them to people’s homes.


The certification was approved under the agreement that the Wing proved that the deliveries carry lower risks than those made by cars and pedestrians. Even though other drone companies have received test flights approvals, this is the first one formally approved as an airline in the US.


Google drone home delivery
Drone. Photo credit: FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI / AFP / Getty Images


This will most likely pave way for other companies to receive drone delivery approvals in the future. Earlier in March 2019, United Parcel Service (UPS) launched the first-ever blood sample-carrying drone. This is championing the use of technology to improve healthcare.


Also, in April 2019, Wing got approval to deliver espressos with drones in Australia.


This new airline approval subjects the company to the same regulations as chartered flights. This will allow it to deliver cargo and travel longer distances than the other drone companies.

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