You are currently viewing Google Doodle Honours Ignaz Semmelweis ‘The Pioneer Of Handwashing’

Google Doodle Honours Ignaz Semmelweis ‘The Pioneer Of Handwashing’

Chances are that you have come across the Google Doodle of a bald man in a tuxedo sporting a lusty mustache, this man is Ignaz Semmelweis. Here is what you should know about why the Doodle also includes a video of washing hands.


Ignaz Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician and scientist who lived during the mid-19th-century. He was popular for pushing for proper hygiene among doctors and other health care workers.


However, while his protocols saved lives and drastically reduced the death rate of mothers on delivery beds, health practitioners did not accept his theories. This is because Semmelweis was not well-liked in the medical circles at the time. Also, he was a foreigner in the community he was practicing.


Despite these reasons, Ignaz Semmelweis would have stood a chance of relevance if such things as germs, viruses and bacteria existed then. However, at the time, doctors had not discovered bacteria and viruses.


Even Semmelweis himself had not known of these dangerous microorganisms at the time. He only had the statistics of number death in hospitals and was able to identify a problem.

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Later, he also proffered a solution for better hygiene. He was the one who proposed that chlorine handwashing when he worked at the University of Pest. Sadly, by 1961, the good doctor started exhibiting signs of a mental breakdown.


Up until now, no one is certain of what caused Ignaz Semmelweis to snap. He later died in a mental institution from blood poisoning after the guards beat him and locked him up.

A cautionary tale of washing your hands

At this time when the coronavirus is infecting people indiscriminately, it is important to follow the most recent updates about it. However, one can never ignore the fact that the major precaution on everyone’s lip is washing hands.


Washing the hands properly requires taking your time. Below is a video from Ignaz Semmelweis Google Doodle on YouTube that instructs on how to properly wash hands:



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