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Google Docs And Google Assistant Get New Features

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On 11th April 2019, Google announced that it is adding native support to Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. You can now do real-time edits, comments and collaborate .docx, .xls and .ppt files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Previously you were not able to edit Microsoft Office files in Google Docs. But that has now changed.


Google also announced that the support would be coming to the commercial versions of the apps. It is presently referred to as G Suite. The feature is coming to regular users too very soon. The support will be available to G Suite customers as soon as April or May 2019.


Google said it will also let you create collaborate on Google Docs, Sheets and slides files through Dropbox Business.


Google also just announced that the Google Assistant is now coming to G Suite. It will start with the Google calendar app on its enterprise platform. Users with G Suite accounts can now begin testing with the Assistant.


Google assistant


Users signed in with G suite account and synced with the Google Calendar app can now ask Google Assistant to tell them when and where their appointments and meetings are. This feature is also available to mobile and desktop users.


However, this new feature won’t work on a Google Assistant device synced to a personal account. It will only work on a work account because it is an Enterprise feature for businesses that use G Suite.

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