You are currently viewing Google contractors lament over recruiting agency stealing from their pay

Google contractors lament over recruiting agency stealing from their pay

In what is being described as ‘wage theft,’ a group of Google contractors (associated with Artech) have complained about a recruiting agency underpaying them while taking from their pay. According to The Verge, the discrepancy has been ongoing since 2019, at least.

The affected recruitment agency is Artech, an Accenture’s Flex program collaborator. Many contract workers at Google that come from the agency may have been getting less than what they are being actually paid.

One such contactor named Guy Mylius only found out four months into the job. “I found out they had been paying me $20 an hour, but they were telling Google they were paying me $30.08 an hour. That was in the middle of March, and basically they haven’t done anything about it,” he said.

Mylius calculated his pay difference and came up with over $10,000 worth of discrepancy.

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Once again, the issue of Google (and other tech companies) hiring more contractors than actual employees rears its ugly head again. The way the arrangement works is that the agencies are actually the person’s employer and this way, tech companies do not owe them several of the privileges that full-fledged employees get to enjoy. It is basically eating their cake and having it.

The question in this scenario is if Accenture (and by extension, Google) is aware that the agencies don’t pay the contractors what it charges them.

“This seems to be a pattern. It’s not just that this was an error on my paycheck. I’ve personally talked to five or six people who are at Accenture who have had the same experience,” Mylius says.

Artech only responded that it paid its employees according to agreements but immediately after saying this, it paid Guy Mylius is complete back pay without mentioning why he was owed that much before.

Meanwhile, Accenture says that it is investigating the claim.

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