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Google CEO introduces Simplicity Sprint initiative amidst layoffs fear

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has introduced a Simplicity Sprint initiative that is meant to get suggestions from employees. However, one of the questions in the survey includes inquiry into where the company could cut costs among others.

With the hiring freeze and financial projection unrest among tech firms, layoffs are on the minds of every employee. Google itself had not done too well in its last earnings call and Pichai said that the execs were not happy with where the company is at this time.

“I wanted to give some additional context following our earnings results, and ask for your help as well,” he said during an internal meeting. “It’s clear we are facing a challenging macro environment with more uncertainty ahead.”

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Some of the other queries in the Simplicity Sprint survey includes suggestions on product development and increasing efficiency. However, when asked about the potential of employees losing their jobs over the changes in the company, Google’s Chief People Officer, Fiona Cicconi barely denied the possibility of layoffs.

“We’re asking teams to be more focused and efficient and we’re working out what that means as a company as well. Even though we can’t be sure of the economy in the future, we’re not currently looking to reduce Google’s overall workforce,” Cicconi had responded.

The unrest continues to grow in the tech industry and trust us to stay on top of tings.

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