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Google Begins Testing ChatGPT AI Competitors In-House

Summary: Google is launching AI products, including a chatbot called Apprentice Bard, which is similar to ChatGPT and is already being tested by employees. Apprentice Bard relies on Google’s LaMDA technology and can answer questions based on recent events and can also be integrated with a search engine. Google is prioritizing these AI projects over others in the short term and aims to compete with ChatGPT’s dominance.


As expected, Google is set to launch some AI products this year and reports claim that its employees are already testing some of them that are similar to ChatGPT, including one chatbot called Apprentice Bard.


To leap the gap that the OpenAI software has created, Google’s chatbot is already bundling an integration with a search engine, according to a CNBC article.


Google Begins Testing ChatGPT AI Competitors In-House


For now, only the Apprentice Bard has a working name and it is a platform where you can ask questions and get answers in detail. The company is waiting for feedback from employees on how the chatbot can be improved before a public launch.


It works with the same principle as ChatGPT and also relies on Google’s conversation technology LaMDA, or Language Model for Dialogue Applications.


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Google is moving on from a phase where its search engine was controlling majority of the world’s internet queries comfortably. Although it is still a leader, it faces hard tests on several fronts.


This threat to its dominance explains why it shifted its stance from viewing launching an AI as a reputational risk to the next step in its future. It even told employees that these projects now ‘take precedence’ over all others, at least in the short term.


Another detail that was revealed by an internal document about Apprentice Bard by Google is that it is able to tap into recent events, as recent as January 2022, to answer questions. This goes toe-to-toe with the latest upgrade of ChatGPT.


This is not all that Google is working on, it appears to be preparing another kind of search page that uses a question-and-answer style. The redesign includes a chat logo beside the search bar that may likely lead users to its chatbot.


Google Begins Testing ChatGPT AI Competitors In-House
Google Begins Testing ChatGPT AI Competitors In-House


The Alphabet-owned company is not pulling any punches in its attempt to fight ChatGPT’s dominance as it allegedly openly compares its engine with it, giving both similar tasks and comparing results.


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