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Google Assistant-Enabled Smart Speakers Will Now Have A Guest Mode

To enhance privacy on Assistant-powered devices, Google is rolling out Guest Mode to Nest Hubs and other first-party devices manufactured by the firm. The feature is quite similar to the incognito mode on Chrome, which means interactions won’t be recorded to your Google accounts when the feature is turned on.


To turn on the Guest Mode, users need to say “Hey Google, turn on guest mode,” and any interactions from then onwards like audio recordings from voice commands will be deleted automatically. When in Guest Mode, users can use Assistant’s usual features such as ask questions; control smart home devices; set timers; and play music. Personal results, including entries in the calendar or contacts, won’t be shown until the mode is turned off.

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Users will be indicated that Guest Mode is turned on by a special chime and a guest icon on the display. If they’re still unsure, they can ask the device, “Is Guest Mode on?” When they’re done with the mode, they can turn it off by saying “Hey Google, turn off Guest Mode.”


The mode is presently available on Google Nest speakers and displays in English; and the firm said it will bring the feature to more devices and languages in the coming months.



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