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Google Assistant can now detect and update compromised, weak passwords

Google Assistant can now detect and change weak or compromised passwords that you have saved to your Chrome. Although the feature has existed on Chrome since 2021, it was only available for a select number of users. Now, Google is rolling it out for everyone.

Combined with Chrome’s reach, the Assistant will be able to warn you when you use a compromised password to access your account. Then, you will have the choice to either let the app do the right thing in updating the password, or you can manually change it to something new and challenging to guess.

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Originally launched on the Chrome 88 version, the Google password manager feature for smartphone users using its browser was aimed at improved security. It is paired with Google Assistant and brings a single blue button solution tagged “Change automatically,” which lets users update their security in one tap.

It is important to note that this update feature does not work on all websites at the time and when you come across these unsupported platforms, you will still be notified of a compromised password. The difference is that you will need to take action yourself in order to change the password.

Also, sometimes, you may get the notification to update your password if you have used it too many times across several sites. So, you should not panic if the notification comes up; your password may not have been compromised.

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