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Google And Fitbit $2.1 Billion Deal Antitrust Judgement Extended To January 2020

The European Union antitrust committee will deliver a judgement on Google and Fitbit $2.1 billion deal on 8th January 2021. This comes after the date was shifted from 23rd December 2020.


According to Reuters, it is likely that the companies involved in the case asked for an extension. However, it is unclear why the date was moved forward. This deal has been the subject of investigations since it was announced many months ago.


The major issue with the deal is that bringing Fitbit’s tech under Google’s arsenal will give it too much power to outmaneuver competitors in the market. For example, Google already owns majority of the search traffic in the market. The data it collects from users is already a problem for competitors.

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Now, if it is able to collect medical and health data from Fitbit users, it would be unstoppable. To put concerns to rest, Google had promised not to use Fitbit users’ data for its ads business. It also agreed to make the wearable watch’s platform accessible to competitors.


Additionally, Google said that Fitbit users will be able to block companies from collecting their data if they are not comfortable with it. Yet, despite these reassurances, the search giant’s competitors are not satisfied and will want to see the deal blocked.


Thus, the date extension might be Google’s last try at arranging conditions that are favourable for all concerned parties. We have seen the EU’s power recently as it forced Apple and other smartphone makers to all ensure that their coming devices are fitted with Type-C charging ports.


Beside the Fitbit deal, Google on its part has been facing antitrust probes and investigations for the past few months. The company is still one of the most valuable brands despite its many legal issue on different continents.


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