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Google And Apple Finally Roll Out COVID-19 Exposure Notification Software

Google And Apple Finally Roll Out COVID-19 Exposure Notification Software

On Wednesday, 20th May 2020, American tech giants Apple and Google rolled out the exposure notification software as they had planned. The software would help health authorities and governments to build their own applications to monitor people’s exposure to the virus.


While the companies would not be building the apps themselves; they have offered to provide assistance to bodies who need help.


Speaking on the launch, Apple and Google had said:


“Starting today, our Exposure Notifications technology is available to public health agencies on both iOS and Android. Today, this technology is in the hands of public health agencies across the world who will take the lead and we will continue to support their efforts.”


Once the applications start rolling out on various app stores, users can download them. Then, it would alert them if they have come across a COVID-19 patient. There are many lapses in the technology as there are advantages.

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One of the major lapses is that the apps would not run in a phone’s background. Thus, people have to open the app for it to work appropriately. This might delay its effectiveness and it is why France had allegedly said the companies should overlook the privacy issues related to its working.


However, Google and Apple have said that they would put people’s privacy in the first place. It is why they had changed the name from ‘contact tracing’ to ‘exposure notification’ so that people would feel less ‘watched’ or monitored.


The companies had also released a joint statement regarding this. In a blog post titled Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing, they outlined the basics behind this software’s machinery. They also detail information such as cryptography specification, framework API and Bluetooth specification.


For additional information on this software, you can read this article: Google And Apple Building A COVID-19 Tracking Technology For Android And iOS Devices


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