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Gokada Launches Food Delivery Service, GChop, In Wake Of Bike-Hailing Ban In Lagos

In response to the Lagos State motorcycle (Okada) and tricycle ban on major roads, Gokada launches GChop. The company’s innovative approach has received commendations from social media users.


On 1st February 2020, the Lagos State authority implemented its announcement of a ban on the three and two-legged transport ban. Following this ban, ride-hailing startups were suddenly out of their major source of income in the megacity.


Protests after protests kept rolling out both online and in the streets but the government stayed unmoved. It had explained that its reason was for the security of citizens as well as for their health.


While it had banned the use of motorcycles for transporting citizens, it had not ruled out using it for delivery services. Thus, Gokada, one of the top motorcycles-hailing companies that had sprung up in Lagos exploited this avenue.


In a Tweet, the company explained that they were diversifying into the logistics business:


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It also revealed that its riders will follow all that is stated in The Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018. Further explaining that all their commercial bikes have 200CC engine capacities that are compatible with the road requirements.


However, the service is not yet available but the company promised to announce its launch soon. It already has a name for it: GChop, but there is no mention if Gokada targets only Lagos market.

Will dispatch riding services be the next big market?

Comments revealed people applauding the company’s adaptability to the changing business scene. While many await how other major bike-hailing services like Max and ORide will react, another big company is on the look for dispatch riders.


GIGLogistics — a branch of the popular GIG Mobility formerly God Is Good Motors — announced on 12th February 2020 that it is in the market for riders. It Tweeted:



It looks like dispatch ride services will be the next big move in the transport industry.


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