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“Godzilla” Star Actor Akira Takarada Dies At 87

Popular Japanese actor Akira Takarada, famous for his role in the original “Godzilla” is dead. Takarada passed on at age 87.

"Godzilla" Star Actor Akira Takarada Dies At 87
Late Akira Takarada pictured in front of a poster of “Godzilla”

Toho Studios, the production company responsible for the 1954 monster movie announced Takarada’s death on Twitter. The cause of his death is still unknown.

In “Godzilla”, Takarada played Hideto Ogata, a sailor who works with the Japanese Coast Guard after “Godzilla” sinks a boat.

On Twitter, Toho Studios wrote: “We are saddened to hear of the passing of Akira Takarada. May his memory continue to inspire the lives of many Godzilla fans.”

See Tweet below

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Akira Takarada also featured in several other films in the “Godzilla” series, including the US re-release “Godzilla, King of the Monsters”, 1964’s “Mothra vs Godzilla”, 1992’s “Godzilla vs Mothra” and 2004’s “Godzilla: Final Wars”.

The actor also appeared in a number of other projects, including several monster movies such as “Kong Escapes” and “Invasion of Astro-Monster”.

In 1967 he was the voice of the lead character in “Doctor Doolittle”. He also starred in the Disney animated features “The Great Mouse Detective” and “Aladdin”, in which he voiced the villains Ratigan and Jafar.


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