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GM Unveils Futuristic Electric Car, Cruise Origin, That Could Rival Tesla

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General Motor’s (GM) autonomous vehicle division, Cruise, unveiled a new vehicle on 21st January 2020 that its executives call: “the beginning of the future beyond the car.”


The Cruise Origin, an electric-powered vehicle was developed by Honda, which also has a stake in GM. Its launch had been delayed from last year. This vehicle also has no steering wheel nor pedals.


“Our work is far from done,” Dan Ammann, chief executive of Cruise, said during a presentation in San Francisco.


The futuristic electric vehicle, Cruise Origin, is still apparently a long way from being available to the public. The carmaker has not named a time frame for its availability. There are also no details on how many vehicles will be produced, or whether it has begun test driving. It has also not obtained regulatory approval to drive on roads.


The car company posted:


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In an interview with The New York Times, Mr Ammann said the company would begin producing prototypes of Cruise and test driving the car “in the near future.”

Cruise Origin is going to happen

Also, in reference to the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, he said, “Unlike some things you see at CES, for example, this is not a concept car.”


Four years ago, G.M. had acquired Cruise for nearly $1 billion. At the time, it was a 40-person start-up in San Francisco, after going on to raise billions more in outside funding, its headcount increased to 1,700 workers.


Honda bought a stake of 5.7% in Cruise for $2.75 billion in 2018. Part of the deal involved General Motors announcing its plans to develop a self-driving vehicle in October 2018. Japan’s SoftBank’s Vision Fund also invested in the company.


When asked if it would take up to five years to make the Cruise Origin a reality, Mr. Vogt replied, “I hope not.”


“This is going into production. This car is going to happen,” he added.


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