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GM Announces Fix To Chevy Bolt Recall Problem, To Install New Software

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GM has finally announced its plan to fix the cause of last year’s Chevy Bolt recall. The automaker had said at the time that the recall was caused by a handful of battery pack fires.


Affected Chevy Bolt owners have to bring their Bolts to a dealer so the battery packs can be inspected. The company says that it may replace some of the battery modules that make up the pack if it finds any “anomalies”. Dealers are to also install “advanced onboard diagnostic software” on all of the affected vehicles.


GM says that the software will be able to “detect potential issues related to changes in battery module performance before problems can develop”. The software will now be standard on all new Bolts moving forward according to the company.

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GM had released a software update limiting the affected Bolts’ full battery capacity to just 90 percent last year. The dealers had to install the software in affected vehicles in an effort to prevent fires. The company says dealers have been instructed to remove that limit when customers bring their Bolts in to get the new fix.


There were only reports of about five fires involving the GM Chevy Bolt, however, but the issue is more disturbing by the fact that the vehicle uses the same cells from LG Chem at the center of a similar issue with Hyundai’s Kona EV.


Hyundai had to recall the Kona EV earlier this year in South Korea and in the US. There were more than a dozen reports of fires, and the company in response has outrightly canceled the electric SUV in its home market. The automaker is replacing entire battery packs for customers but a drop in sales has forced its hands.



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