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Global Smartphone Market Q3 2020: Samsung Topples Huawei And Xiaomi Overtakes Apple

The global smartphone market is yet to make a recovery in Q3 2020 but it saw Samsung snatch top spot from Huawei while Xiaomi entered the top three for the first time, displacing Apple.


Huawei had topped the smartphone markets in Q2 2020 while the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the world. However, it lost about 23% of its lead and only shipped 51.7 million units from July to September 2020. On the other hand, Samsung shipped as many as 80.2 million units and took top spot while Huawei dropped to second.


Xiaomi surpassed Apple to become the third highest smartphone seller in Q3 2020. It attained a 45% growth and shipped 47.1 million units while Apple shipped only 43.2 million, suffering a decline of 1%. Apple’s drop was because it did not release any new smartphone before the quarter finished. It will likely post better result by the end of the year since it has launched the flagship iPhone 12.


Vivo closed the list of top five smartphone sellers of Q3 2020. It shipped about 31.8 million units during the period. Oppo is ranked sixth according to the Canalys chart, and it came close to Vivo shipping 31.1 million smartphones.

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Realme shipped 15.1 million units and finished the quarter is seventh place. Meanwhile, Lenovo’s shipments for Q3 2020 is calculated to be 10.2 million units and it was eighth on the list.


Xiaomi had shipped 88% more smartphones in Europe, according to analyst Mo Jia. However, Jia revealed that the makers of Redmi face big competition from Oppo and Vivo in Southeast Asia and even Europe as well.


Another analyst, Shengtao Jin explained Samsung’s success. Jin said; “Its momentum was fueled by three key factors. Firstly, in many regions it saw pent-up demand from Q2 spill over into Q3. Secondly, it regained second place in India, as its Korean brand was shielded from anti-Chinese sentiment (see Canalys press release: India’s smartphone market rebounds in Q3 2020 to record high of 50 million). Thirdly, Samsung ramped up its launches of low-to-mid-range devices, and introduced other incentives, such as discounts and free online deliveries, to stimulate demand.”


In Q3 2020, the top five smartphone sellers shipped 73% more units globally than all other phone makers.


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