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GirlsDoPorn To Pay Millions In Compensation For Deceiving Models

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22 women won $12.8m in a US court ruling that finds p*rn website, GirlsDoPorn, guilty of tricking them into appearing in viral online p*rn videos.


The defendant, GirlsDoPorn had the girls appear on video with the promise that the videos would never circulate on the web.


GirlsDoPorn p*rn website
Hotel rooms are used to shoot GirlsDoPorn videos.


Some of the models affected by the owners and operators of the GirlsDoPorn website had allegedly become suicidal, the case stated.


They told the girls that the videos were for a private collector or overseas DVDs, according to the 181-page judgment.


The victims, aged between 18-23, appeared in the videos without knowing its audience reach.


However, the videos first appeared on the GirlsDoPorn’s subscription amateur p*rn website. After this, clips found their way to some of the world’s most popular free-to-view adult websites.


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San Diego Superior Court Judge, Kevin Enright ordered GirlsDoPorn to take the videos down from their site. GirlsDoPorn chief executive Michael Pratt, 36, videographer Matthew Wolfe, 37, and p*rn actor Ruben Garcia, 31, also have the tasks of removing them from other sites as well.


GirlsDoPorn markets itself on the premise that the women in its p*rn videos are not professionals. It claims it only features women filming their first and only p*rn videos. Also, that, most of the women on its site are students in need of extra money, according to court documents.

GirlsDoPorn and its fraudulent p*rn promise

The San Diego court ruled that the site fraudulently recruits new models. It says it takes:


“calculated steps to falsely assure prospective models that their videos will never be posted online, come to light in the United States, or be seen by anyone who might know them”.


The website had also given assurances to the models that their real names would never be known from the videos.


However, the court heard evidence that accused the company of the contrary. That it shared private and identifying information about the models on third-party forums that led to the harassment of some of the models and their families online.


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