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Get Rid of Your B**t Acne with These Quick Fix Tips

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B**t acne is not a myth. As weird as it sounds, it exists. Take a second to examine your buttocks for any pimple-like bump. Chances are you either have one or are among the lucky ones.


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However hard we try to ignore them, they are so discomforting they announce their presence in their rough and sometimes itchy way. Also among their goals to rub you off your flawlessness is how the b**t acne mocks you when you choose to leave your buttocks bare.


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‘Uncomfortable’ and ‘embarrassing’ are also some words associated with the pimple-like bump. Most times, it’s a mystery how they get there. But just like your face and how it reacts to bacteria and dirt, your b**t also reacts similarly.


However, the b**t is not ‘like’ the face. For your face, the acne is caused by excess oil, but what causes the bump in your b**t are hair follicles. This disparity springs from the fact that hair follicles become clogged and infected with bacteria which leads to red bumps and pus-filled follicles. The follicles resemble a pimple which is why they are often mistaken for an actual pimple. The medical term for this is folliculitis. That’s a long boring term, so we’ll stick to b**t acne for the sake of this article.


Because of how different the face and buttocks are, using your facial acne treatment may not be effective in treating pimples in your booty. Therefore, rather than holding out on wearing that bikini, or bum-short, you can treat your b**t acne with these tips.


Get Rid of Your B**t Acne with These Quick Fix Tips


Don’t use harsh products

Just like your face, using harsh products on your buttocks would only speed up the growth of more bumps. Use mild natural products like tea tree oil, vinegar or turmeric as they have antimicrobial properties that can help kill bacteria and keep the skin clear. They, therefore, prevent follicles from forming.


Stop wearing tight clothes

Not only do they cause friction, but they also don’t give your b**t a chance to breathe. Therefore, wear loose-fitting pants. Throw on cotton underwear while you’re at it too to let in more air to your derriere.




Don’t touch it

Just like your face, DO NOT TOUCH! It’s tempting to just take a feel down there and pinch at the b**t acne. However, you will make it worse by making yourself susceptible to infection or scarring.


Wash often

You need to keep your b**t bacteria-free. To keep yourself in peak condition to get bump-free, you should keep that spot clean. Wash after you workout, and if working out is not something you do, at least shower twice a day.




Wash with Benzoyl peroxide

“Washing regularly with benzoyl peroxide (like the Murad Clarifying Cleanser, which is formulated with breakout-busting salicylic acid and green tea to soothe), helps keep pesky bacteria at bay, decreasing your chances of developing a bacterial folliculitis,” says Idriss, a board-certified dermatologist at the Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City.


Show your Doctor your booty

You won’t be the first to do it so chill out. It may be weird for you lying flat on your belly with your arse in the air but after you get your treatment, it would be a piece of cake. If your b**t acne is getting worse (causing pain or getting bigger) then it’s all the more reason why you need to see a doctor.


However, b**t acne may not be caused by just bacteria alone but could be caused by fungus. Click here to know all there is to know about that.


Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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