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Get Paid To Relocate: How To Apply To Molise, Italy

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A few days ago, Plat4om reported that a region in Italy called Molise made plans to will pay people €700 (about ₦282,000) every month for three years to move in. Molise, Italy’s smallest region, currently suffers from underpopulation, and now you can apply to live there.


According to national statistic office Istat, more than 100 of the 136 towns in Molise have fewer than 2000 people living in them; six have fewer than 200.


So the president called for more people willing to live in villages with fewer than 2,000 residents. He also introduced a grant for people to reside in and also open businesses in its least populated towns and villages.


The notice was published in the special edition of the Official Bulletin of the Molise Region, dated 17th September 2019. It concerned “Income from active residence for access to the Fund in favour of individuals who are going to reside in municipalities with population up to 2000 inhabitants”.


To apply for relocation to Molise, Italy, send your request, under penalty of exclusion, by pec to the address: Also, attach a copy of a valid identity document of the signatory and all the required documents. Ensure you apply before 12:00 on 30th November 2019 when registration closes.


Click on the lists below to download the application. To translate to the English Language, you can use a number of online tools you’re comfortable with.


For more information, call (+39) 0874.4291 (switchboard) or send an email to


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