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Game developers left stranded with Google Stadia shutdown

Reports claim that employees and partner game developers heard the news of Google Stadia imminent shutdown at about the same time as the public. Game blog Kotaku said that even days before the announcement, partner managers were assuring their clients that the cloud gaming service was not going anywhere.

However, many believed that the writing had been on the wall for quite some time. For example, in early 2021, the search company closed Stadia Games and Entertainment. Then, months later, several lead people working on the project left the company.

Although, each time the doubts came up, Google was quick to shut it down. One instance was when Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney mentioned, in May 2021, that Google Stadia had scaled back since its big launch. Google had replied that the cloud gaming service was alive and well.

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Why is Google shutting down Stadia? The company said that it has failed to pickup among gamers. Then, others say that the service was doomed from the onset because of the competition it faced and the reluctance of the parent company to give it the necessary financial backing.

The company has said it will refund them all for users who have bought anything through Google Stadia stores. Meanwhile, it has said nothing about the game makers that its sudden announcement affects.

Following the news of the Google Stadia shutdown, game makers went online, especially on Twitter, to rant about their efforts and investments going to waste. Some of the publishers and developers who spoke about the discontinuation of the service were SFB Games, GoldFire Studios, and No More Robots.

The game service is still available and will be taken down in January 2023, but its store features were disabled immediately.

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