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Fujitsu Goes Virtual, Says 80,000 Japanese Employees To Work Permanently From Home

Fujitsu has announced today, 6th July 2020, that it is taking its “Work Life Shift” campaign a notch higher by allowing its Japanese employees to choose where to work from. The tech firm outlines three core principles it will use to achieve this goal.


In a press release, Fujitsu said that it is taking steps to prioritise employees safety by ‘shifting preexisting notions of life and work’. It mentions that digital innovation is the key to achieving this. The company added that it is giving its employees a higher degree of autonomy because of ‘mutual trust’.


Additionally, Fujitsu says that by the end of fiscal 2022, it plans to have reduced use of its office spaces in Japan to about 50% its current footprint or capacity. It further mentions a hot desk system that will see employees not have a specific desk.


The three core principles that Fujitsu hinges its permanent remote working plan on are:

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Smart working, which will involve; flexible working hours, offering additional support for remote work environments and creating a long-distance working system. Most of these measures are already in place as of when this article was published.


Borderless Office, involving; setting up hubs in different areas of Japan, expanding satellite office space, thorough reviews, more effective working tools and updated security policies. Fujitsu says all of these plans will be in place by 2022, some are already in progress.


Culture Change, this includes; expanding job-based personnel system, introducing in-house one-to-one communication skills training, enhanced support and communication tools like Microsoft Teams, and many other improvements.


Fujitsu’s permanent remote working stance for employees is not an isolated decision. Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech firms have also adopted this system in the face of the pandemic.


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