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FTC to probe gig companies over working conditions

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has promised to investigate gig companies over unfair working conditions. The decision came after a vote this week approved the action.

According to the new policy, gig workers have been forced to work in deplorable conditions due to deceptive and unlawful practices. Some of the companies to be investigated are those that use AI to evaluate a worker’s productivity and misrepresent their earnings, without bringing the human angle into it.

Samuel Levine, FTC director of consumer protection, said that gig workers are supposed to get the same level of protection as regular employees.

“No matter how gig companies choose to classify them, gig workers are consumers entitled to protection under the laws we enforce,” his statement read. “We are fully committed to coordinating our consumer protection and competition enforcement efforts within the FTC as well as working with other agencies across the government to ensure gig workers are treated fairly.”

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Companies like DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, Lyft, and Uber base their entire structure on gig workers and would be the most affected with the new probe actions. However, even giants like Facebook and Google are well known to use gig workers for several of their ventures.

There has been little to no movement for gig workers on the federal level, and that is what the FTC wants to rectify. Meanwhile, on the state level, there has been remarkable progress. The California AB5 law readily comes to mind as it had won despite the fierce opposition it faced.

We would likely start seeing similar movements on a grander scale in the near future.

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