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Foxconn Launches Automobile Platform, Wants To Be Android Of Electric Cars

Foxconn, the company that assembles Apple’s iPhones, has launched a platform to help automobile companies make electric cars. The Taiwanese company is looking to diversify its business by launching into this market.


According to William Wei, an executive at Foxconn, the company’s aim is to become the Android of electric vehicles, referencing Google’s operating system for smartphones. “We believe that to be our mission,” Wei said.


Foxconn introduced the ‘MIH Open Platform’. Basically, it allows a company to design large parts of an electric car that would then be manufactured by Foxconn.

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Foxconn calls the automobile platform ‘modular,’ meaning that carmakers could replace and upgrade some components later. This allows them to choose the chassis design of their cars from SUVs to sedans and customise as they like, from the distance of the wheels to the size of the battery.


Foxconn is also offering software that developers can build upon. Some of its software relates to driverless cars and mission critical functions. The company also says it is working on ‘solid-state batteries’.


Solid state batteries are seen as the next-gen evolution of the current lithium ion batteries used in cars. It is believed that they could unlock further ranges and more efficiency. According to Foxconn, it should launch a solid-state battery in 2024. Jerry Hsiao, chief product officer at Foxconn says, “after 2025, whoever masters solid state battery technologies will dominate the industry”.


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