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Four Tips On How To Get Through A Rough Week

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We all have that one rough week where everything is going sideways. You’re swamped with work, can’t meet deadlines, stressed, run ragged and it feels as though the world is falling on your shoulders.

Rough Week

If you’re having what looks like that sort of week, then we have a few tips that can make it better.

Jam to your favourite music

There are very few things that great music cannot solve, really. Your favourite music can be very therapeutic and help lift your mood and get you through some rough patches during the week.

Take a day off

It’s very important to your mental health that you take breaks when the stress levels build. Call in sick, turn off your phone and sleep or spend the day watching movies. Comedies are recommended as they’ll help you unwind, laugh, and relax.

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Indulge in comfort food

This week might just be the time to stop counting calories ( if you were) and splurge in comfort food. Eat chocolate, drink your favourite wine, try out a new recipe (we have plenty on our food section), and please your taste buds. Don’t go over board though and make it a habit.

Plan a fun weekend

Planning a fun weekend will give you something to look forward to while having a stressful week. You can call your friends and plan a day out on the beach, an evening at a bar or something with you special someone.


Finally, know that this too shall pass. It may seem like a rough week wouldn’t end but it would. So hang in there and try to make the most out of it.


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