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Four Self-care Practices That Will Change Your Life

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If you were asked “do you take care of yourself?” the first response would be “of course, yes.”You may even wonder what sort of question that is. But if you were further asked how, how do take care of yourself, what would you say?


Self-care are deliberate steps and actions we take to improve our emotional, mental and physical health.

It’s a very important aspect of life and well being that most people tend to overlook. Self-care isn’t something we don’t enjoy doing or force yourself to do either. It also doesn’t mean we should be selfish. It’s us knowing when to take care of ourselves so we can care for others too.

Here are five self-care tips that would greatly improve your life.

Wake up early

Waking up early puts you in charge of your day. You’d be waking to the day not forced into it. This will give you better control. You can meditate, play your favourite music, do some quick exercises to get your day started.

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Make an effort to look good

Making effort to look good will send a message to yourself that your day is important. It would also give you an extra boost of self-confidence.

Take some “me time” off

Even if it’s for a few hours within a day, take some hours for yourself doing something that’s not a chore or on your to-do list.

Keep looking forward

Looking forward to the future is also quite important to living a full and happy life. Create dreams and goals for yourself and with each day, take steps to reaching and them. This lifestyle is essential for your soul!


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