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Four Factors To Consider While Having Fun On Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s day to our esteemed readers. What is your plan for tonight? We guess you will be going out and spending time with your partner or friends.

But even as you have fun, you should be wise enough to know your limit or boundaries. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings because of Valentine.

In this light, we present some security measures you should bear in mind today.

1. Don’t drink and drive

Factors To Consider While Having Fun On Valentine's Day

As you take your loved one and friends, please know your alcohol limit. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in public. Drunk driving is a No-No! You would be endangering not just your life but that of your passengers.

2. Hold on to your valuables

Very important. Your phones, wallet, and handbag should not leave your sight. Even when going to the restroom. You can leave them behind if you have a trusted friend at the venue. Also, don’t take your eyes from your food and drinks. It is often advised that you do not take a drink that you left to use the restroom or receive a call. The key is to be careful.

3. Respect boundaries.

Factors To Consider While Having Fun On Valentine's Day

This is very important for people dating even if you have known for long, or just recently started dating. There is no rule that the lady must spend the night at your place after your valentine outing. There have been occasions of people fighting at events when the lady declines the guys offer.

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4. Don’t flirt


Please don’t give anyone wrong signals tonight. Have fun with your date, but don’t get anyone confused in the process. Take it easy on the hugs, pecks, and kisses

5. Follow your instincts

Listen to your heart, and if something doesn’t feel good or right, you shouldn’t be doing it. If you need to leave the venue before the end of the event, please do. Don’t be carried away by what you are seeing and told and do what you would regret the morning after. Your date should not make you feel uncomfotable.

Have fun, but be responsible about it. Valentine is just a day in the whole of 2020.

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